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Code Of Conduct

The Code of Conduct provides an etiquette guide to assist the various Tangara Trail users to share the tracks responsibly and minimise potential conflict.
The following etiquette guide is taken from the Tasmanian Mountain Bike Plan 2009 and has been modified to suit the Tangara Trail.
1. Respect other users

  • Use your voice to alert other Tangara Trail users of your presence
  • Horse riders have priority, then walkers; MTB riders give way to both.

As a courtesy, walkers may step aside on narrow sections of track to allow bikes to pass

  • When passing slow to the speed of other users, prepare to stop if necessary
  • When walking with your dog, keep it under effective control and restrain the dog on a lead or by the collar if you encounter a horse, bike or other walkers.

2. Be safe

  • Slow down for corners and blind spots
  • Ride your horse or bike at a controlled speed
  • Wear an approved equestrian or bike helmet
  • Carry a mobile phone with you in case of emergency

3. Stay on the Tangara Trail

  • Do not trespass on private land
  • Obey signs prohibiting access to beaches during bird nesting season, or other sensitive areas

4. Minimise impacts on the environment

  • Avoid muddy tracks – seek an alternative after rain
  • Take out your litter ‘leave no trace’
  • Respect local flora and fauna
  • Keep your boots, bike or horse hooves clean to avoid the spread of weeds and plant diseases

5. Get involved