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Tangara Network Plan

A 5 Year Activity Plan has been prepared for the Tangara Trail network based on the findings outlined in Section 1 and 2 of the report. The Activity Plan identifies the recommended actions to be taken; the priority for implementing the recommended action based on:

High – critical and should commence in Years 1 (2012);

Moderate – important and should commence in Years 2-3 (2013-2014);

Low – desirable and should commence in Years 4-5 (2015-2016);

Ongoing – may require implementation on a continuous basis through the 5 Year Plan; and

responsibility for taking the action.

It is expected that the Council will take the lead role in the implementation of the recommended actions but will seek the support and involvement of the Tangara Recreational Trail Committee and other organisations, agencies and community groups where required to achieve a successful outcome.

The 5 Year Action Plan is considered to be an ‘active’ management tool and it is recognised that the implementation process may vary over time and in response to new opportunities. The Action Plan can easily be updated reflect changes in funding, community priorities or other circumstances.

The implementation of the Five Year Activity Plan should be reviewed on an annual basis with a major review in five years to establish the next Five Year Activity Plan for 2017-2021.

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