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Horse/Dog Zones Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach Public Reserve has a long history of use for family beach recreation, dog walking and horse riding. Unfortunately, the reserve also has a history of conflict between user groups too. Increased use by horse riders and dog owners in recent years has also resulted in more complaints, conflicts and injuries to people, dogs and horses. The Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) as managers of the reserve recognise the need to better manage those activities with zoning and signs.

The attached maps provide descriptions and rules, for horse riding and dog exercise in Seven Mile Beach Public Reserve. Time periods for access also vary across the year.

Dogs and owners have continuous off-lead walking open from Seven Mile Beach township to Day Use Area (DUA) 3 (below the Ranger’s Office) at all times of the year except between DUAs 1 & 2 during summer daytime hours -10am to 6pm from 1 December to 1 March - when only  on-lead access will be available. The section between DUAs 2 & 3 (adjacent to the airport main runway) remains open at all hours,  Horses are banned at all times west of Day Use Area 4. Dogs can walk on-lead east of DUA 4, most of the way to the point. But they must steer clear of horses, which have a one mile gallop section.

Five Mile Beach for dogs only on-lead is allowed, and only for six winter months east of the BBQ area. (Both dogs and horses are banned west of that point.)